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Customer service is a high value for us so you can reach us at our Ohio base. We are growing fast and our customers are happy with the savings and the service we provide so they can focus on doing business.


Blu-Shift is an Ohio-based company that is leading the way in providing technology for business and private use in internet, phone service, and LED signage. Whether you are in a highly populated region or a remote area, we will take your tech services into the 21st century.

We've helped small and large business owners find solutions that will keep them ahead of the technology curve. Our innovations have even helped hundreds of Amish business owners know how to compete in the marketplaces of today.

Digital Dish

"I run a call center. Phones are a huge part of our business. Blu–Shift has been a great changeover experience. Excellent customer service is provided and this is superior to the Brand Name we used to have. This system has performed better at a fraction of the cost."

- Francisco Alarcon
Safe and Sound Security

"My company does business in 5 states with a phone bill that could run thousands of dollars. This phone system allows me to switch my operators and answer phones in different time zones. This feature alone helps me contain my costs. People work out of their homes and it’s just like they were in my office. This saves me rent and saves them gas. I can now hire people with disabilities - it’s like having a virtual office anywhere! Plus it is 25% the monthly cost that I was paying before. That is a savings of 75%! Kyle Yoder has become our communication consultant."

- Ryan Torrence
Schrock’s Amish Farm

"We have a large retail operation with 6 separate buildings. Kyle and the team provide excellent service and are local. We were able to cancel almost all of our lines and are saving money every month. I would surely recommend this to others. No Contracts...come on - who does that anymore?!!"

- Andrea Troyer
Berlin Resort

"I manage a large resort with almost 100 phones. We made the shift and get many more features for our guests and staff. Our Resort is more than an acre under roof and the system is complex and we have been able to resolve our issues with local people on sight within the hour. This is much different than the big boy company that we had before, plus each phone has our Hotel Logo on it. This is so much more than we expected at a fraction of the cost."

- Jessica Wile
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